Washed Rind Cheeses

The Alexandrin

The Alexandrin is related to the Reblochon family. It is a round cheese with a washed rind resulting in a semi-soft table cheese with a supple and creamy texture. The flavour is sweet with a tinge of yeasty and floral aroma. The Alexandrin is ripened for 2 to 4 months. Available in 550 gram wheels or partial wheels wrapped in French paper. Aged for 2 months.

The Fleur-en-Lait

The Fleur-en-Lait is related to the French St-Paulin. It is a semi-soft cheese, with a thin bright orange washed rind. Its rind pungency envelops the delicate but robust sweet and fruity flavored interior. Available in 2.75 kg wheels or wedges wrapped in French paper. Aged 3 months.

Big Brother

This is a robust washed rind cheese with lots of character, semi firm in texture with a rich buttery colour and flavour that lingers in your mouth. It is a wonderful snacking cheese as well as a cheese that can accompany a milder cheese in a culinary application to elevate the cheese flavours to a higher level. Available in 3 kilo wheels and wedges, wrapped in French paper. Aged 3 - 4 months