Blue Cheese

The Celtic Blue

The Celtic Blue is a soft creamy blue cheese, with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind which is developed by specific ripening cultures. The typical blue taste is mild and not aggressive and is softened by a nice buttery aroma. Available by the part wheel, half wheel, full wheel (2.5kg) or cut wedges wrapped in French paper or foil. Aged 2 - 3 months.

The Celtic Reserve

The Celtic Reserve is enriched with cream. This blue is mild, buttery and very creamy in texture. Veining delicate sweet lactic notes on the finish. This blue appeals to the connaisseur of a mild blue, or newbies to blue, it is so smooth. Wrapped in French paper it is sold in the 150 gr. Wedges, part wheel, half wheel, or full wheel - 2.5 kg.