Glengarry Fine Cheese Awards & Medals

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Discover the exquisite world of cheeses that have been honored with prestigious awards.

2023, in the UK based, Global Cheese Awards we brought home five Gold for the: Iron Horse medium and mature cheddar, and the Lankaaster Aged organic and conventional, and the Celtic Blue Reserve, as well as the prestigious title of Best International Cheese for Iron Horse, medium cheddar, plus a Silver medal for Iron Horse organic cheddar.

In 2021, the Royal Winter Fair saw victories with Fleur-en-lait, Celtic Reserve, and Figaro, along with a 3rd place finish with the Bridge End Bloomy, Celtic Blue, and Iron

In 2015, Celtic Blue Cheese triumphed by claiming first place for the best show at the American Cheese Society Competition.

In 2013, the Global Cheese Making Competition bestowed the Global Supreme Champion Award and gold in the best overseas cheese category upon Lankaaster-Aged. Celtic Blue also achieved recognition, securing the bronze place in the Blue vein cheese category.

In the 2012 the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Lankaaster Aged was honored with the esteemed title of Grand Champion Variety Cheese. Additionally, Fen Slab, Lankaaster-Gouda style, Celtic Blue, and Lankaaster-Cumin flavored were recognized and awarded in various categories.

In 2011, at the Dairy Farmers of Canada Grand Prix, the traditional Lankaaster claimed
the top spot in the semi-firm category, with Celtic Blue as the runner-up.

At the 2011 American Cheese Society Competition, Lankaaster secured first place in the American made/International Style category, while Celtic Blue earned third place in the
Blue category.

In 2010, the British Empire Cheese Show presented six prizes across four categories to Lankaaster, Glengarry Fen, and Celtic Blue.